Pumping and Storing

Keep in mind that no method of expression will remove the milk from a mother’s breasts as effectively as a baby who is nursing  well. However, there are a variety of circumstances that require a mom to  express her milk.

Hand expression is always an option for any mom. It  works best for the mom who only has to express milk very infrequently. The biggest advantage is that there is no expense and nothing to clean up.

Hand operated pumps are inexpensive and will work  well for the mom who only pumps occasionally.

Automatic electric pumps are the best option for a mom who has to pump on a regular basis. They can be purchased or rented at a  daily rate.

NOTE: Some hand and electric pumps work better than  others. Please check with a counselor or lactation consultant before making a  major purchase to make sure the pump suits your needs.

Visit the Medela website for specific information about pumping and storing breastmilk.


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