Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding, aka nursing, can be daunting for expecting and new moms, especially if you haven’t done it before.

No doubt that you will have myriad questions running in your mind:

  • How to get my newborn to latch properly?
  • How do I know that my newborn is nursing enough?
  • How long should I nurse on each side?
  • What foods to avoid while breastfeeding?
  • How to encourage the infant to nurse more?
  • How to wean my child?
  • Is there any meetup group for nursing moms?
  • Who are lactation consultants? Do I need one?

…and many more.

Overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, moms need answers for their questions without being judged or ridiculed. No question is too simple or silly to be asked.

The resources page in this site will be continuously updated with links to various resources in your local communities. These resources will help you with this lovely phase of your life by experienced moms who have done this, learned from their experiences and willing to pass the knowledge to other moms.

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