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I’m a mom of 2 lovely boys, aged 14 and 9. I was lucky enough to have nursed them completely for one whole year without the use of any baby formula.

Nursing Moms

My husband and I were first-generation immigrants in a new country without any extended family or friends when we had our first baby in Winnipeg, Canada. My mom traveled from India and stayed with us for the first 5 months after he was born and again it was back to the 3 of us after she left.

Right from when the pregnancy was confirmed, throughout the 9 months, after the baby was born and at every milestone, we had to do a lot of learning by ourselves reading lots of books, browsing websites, research articles to educate ourselves.

It all started then and the thirst for knowledge has never ended since so much so that our now expanded friends’ circle considers me as a ready reckoner for anything baby related. They know that I won’t give them half-baked information or tips. They trust me because I do thorough research before sharing any information with them.

That’s when my husband and I thought that we should start a blog to record it all under one roof so that everyone will have easy access to genuine information whenever they need it. Calls and questions from my friends give me idea for the topics that I can write here. So we are actually helping each other out.

I’m not a qualified lactation consultant or don’t hold any degree/diploma in the relevant field. This is just one mom trying to help out other moms with trusted and curated information backed by authoritative research articles and studies and sometimes even from professionals.

Important Update: This subject is very close to my heart so I decided to dive in and get the required credentials so that I can help people with utmost confidence. Yes, friends, I’m super excited to share with you all that I have enrolled with CAPPA to become a CLE (Certified Lactation Educator). I’m done with the online training and now in the process of reading a lot of materials and textbooks and determined to earn the certification as soon as possible.

Do feel free to write to us if you have any questions and we will try to answer to the best of our knowledge or direct you to the correct resource.

Here at NursingMoms.net, we are gearing ourselves to create an exclusive online platform which will have well-researched, exhaustive articles all about breastfeeding.

The resources page in this site will be continuously updated with links to various resources in your local communities. These resources will help you with this lovely phase of your life by experienced moms who have done this, learned from their experiences and willing to pass the knowledge to other moms.

So stay tuned! We are going to take you through this one baby step at a time!

Best, Madhuram


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