Infant Breastfeeding Challenges

Infant Breastfeeding Challenges

Not only do the mons run into several maternal challenges during the breastfeeding phase but babies too. But most of the side effects that breastfed babies experience can be kept under control and even avoided altogether.

Therefore, we put together a guide with the main issues your baby might encounter during the nursing phase and what you can do about each of these problems.

Infant Breastfeeding Challenges

Cleft Lip/Palate

Cleft lip and cleft palate are not side effects of breastfeeding but can impact the nursing process. Explore how to deal with this condition with breastfeeding.

Down Syndrome

Breastfeeding is essential for babies with Down syndrome as it can bring them a variety of benefits. However, there are certain aspects you need to consider in such a situation.

Neonatal Jaundice

Babies that are breastfed have increased chances of developing Jaundice. However, this doesn't mean you should stop breastfeeding them because you notice they have this condition.

Premature Baby

Nursing your premature baby is extremely important for their development and overall health. However, some doctors might suggest formula instead of breastmilk. Explore details here.

Ankyloglossia (Tongue-Tie)

Breastfeeding your baby can be a bit more challenging if a baby has a tongue-tie. But with patience and proper guidance, you can definitely do it successfully. Explore tongue-tie and breastfeeding here.

PKU (Phenylketonuria)

The breastmilk will come with high phenylalanine levels if the mother has the PKU condition, but can the baby get it? Explore Phenylketonuria and breastfeeding here.

Even if your baby might have one health condition or another, breastfeeding them remains an essential stage for their development. You want your baby to develop a robust immune system, and breastmilk offers them just that.

Nursing is even more crucial for babies with one of these challenges as it can help them grow up stronger and healthier. Follow the instruction your doctor gives you and offer your baby as many nursing meals as possible.


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