BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring

As soon as you become a parent, your main concern will be the safety of your baby. In their first months of life, your little one will need a lot of care and attention. But how to keep an eye on them when you are not in their room? To stay on top of all the potential risks, you might want to look at baby monitors.

Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

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You will find plenty of IP cameras for baby monitoring on the market. However, you will discover soon enough that not all of them come at the same quality.

We put together a detailed guide to help you not only choose from the best IP cameras for baby monitoring but also learn what to look for in such a product.


What are IP cameras?

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are used for surveillance in different occasions and ideal for keeping an eye on your baby as they are in the nursery room. Such an IP camera will capture the image data in the area you place it at and send them to you via an internet connection.

What Is Ip Camera

These cameras reached the market in 1996, and they come in different types, as well as with various features. You can find IP cameras that need a network video recorder to function correctly. Others will work just fine without such support.

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Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

Advantages of IP cameras

If you are wondering about the main advantages of using an IP camera for monitoring your baby, here are a few to consider!

Advantages Of Ip Cameras For Baby Monitoring

  • You can see your baby anytime by simply looking at the monitor. Your baby needs attention all the time, and you will not be able to focus only on them 24/7. A baby monitor will allow you to take care of other things and still be able to watch your baby from a different room to see if they are safe. Newborns are exposed to risks that might be hard to imagine, so you can never be too safe when it comes to the first months of their lives.
  • IP cameras are easy to control. You will discover that these cameras can be very efficient and easy to work with. All you have to do is install them, and you receive all the data on your monitor. Some cameras can be connected to your phone or other devices for better accessibility.
  • With an IP camera, you can watch what’s going on in any room of your home. These cameras work great as surveillance tools. Even if your baby doesn’t need to be monitored all the time as they grow older, you will always find a way to use your IP camera. Therefore, such a device is a long-term investment.

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Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

What To Look For?

Purchasing the best IP camera for you and your baby might not be as easy as it seems. You can find them in a wide variety of types and with different features.

What To Look For In Ip Cameras For Babies

The following aspects are essential things you should look for before investing in such a baby camera!

  • Movements: The type of movement the camera detects. You will find that these cameras can record too much movement as well as a lack of mobility. The more types of movement recording feature an IP camera has, the better it will be for you. You should be able to set it up according to your needs, so you get notified every time something needs your attention in the nursery room.
  • Connectivity: You want a baby camera that you can easily access from a device of your choice. Generally speaking, good IP cameras come with an app you can install, so you watch them on your phone or tablet. However, you will find that this is not the norm. So, it is always better to check the description of a product before purchasing it.
  • Safety: These cameras are considered to be generally safe, but there are still specific potential hazards that you might want to stay on top of. For instance, you want an IP camera that will not get overheated regardless of how much you use it. These cameras can also be hacked since they use an internet connection, so this is another risk that you will have to consider. While overall, you shouldn’t worry about a safety aspect with these devices, it is wise to keep an eye on such risks.

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Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

Best IP Cameras for Baby Monitoring Reviews

The following IP cameras are some of the most efficient you will find on the market.

1. Amcrest 1080P Smart Home WiFi Camera, Baby Monitor

This Amcrest baby monitor will be one of the best IP cameras you can invest in due to many factors.

  • This best baby monitor with wifi offers you a live stream 24/7, so you can always keep an eye on your little one. Besides the 1080p video stream, this Camera also has two ways of audio option worldwide.
  • This baby monitor comes with a sound alarm. So, you will not have to keep your eyes on the screen at all times. The IP camera will notify you through the app, every time you need to check on your baby.
  • You can use this camera to monitor your baby as well as your pets. It will detect movement, audio such as crying or barking and notify you when such activity takes place.
  • This camera doesn’t just track activity, but it also follows the movement of an object or person. It is mobile enough to turn around in different directions to monitor the area you set it for.
  • The night vision feature gives you a 33 feet visibility so you can watch your baby even when the room is in complete darkness.
  • You can use this IP camera to record on a microSD card or an NVR or the cloud storage.
  • Monitors all movements
  • Great for night visibility.
  • Sound alarm available
  • Audio two-way function
  • 1080p video quality
  • More difficult to set up than other cameras.
  • You can’t choose between different colors.

Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

2. Wireless Camera, 5MP HD Lefun Security Camera

Lefun offers you an IP camera that you will love to use in your nursery room at all times.

  • It doesn’t just record movement, but it also catches facial expressions and subtle details.
  • This Camera comes with two ways audio function and high-quality microphone to use.
  • It tracks motion by moving up and down as well as left to right on a 350 degrees area horizontally and 100 degrees vertically.
  • With this IP camera, you get a 32 feet night vision but also a zoom function in case you want to see things a little bit closer.
  • You can easily access the image data on the Camera by using the compatible app on your phone. This allows you to check on your baby even when you are not in the house.
  • To use this IP camera, you will have to connect it to a 2.4G WiFi. However, keep in mind that it will not support a 5G connection.
  • Clear image
  • Rotating feature
  • Two-way audio
  • Easy to control through the phone app.
  • Zoom in feature
  • It will not work with 5G connection.
  • The image might not be as clear during the night.

Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

3. Security Camera 1080P WiFi Dog Pet Camera

This Kamtron IP camera is just what you need to make sure your little one is safe at all times, even when you are not in their nursery room.

  • You can use this Camera non-stop as you are monitoring your nursery room or any other room in your home. It rotates 350 degrees in a horizontal direction and 100 degrees in a vertical one. The quality of the image is an HD 1080p.
  • The IR LED gives you a perfect night vision without having to disturb your little one with light as they are sleeping.
  • There is a two-way audio system as well, and you receive real-time alerts every time something needs your attention. Through these features, you are capable of keeping this Camera at an interactive level as well.
  • You can store the data on the cloud as well as an SD card of a maximum of 128 GB.
  • This best audio baby monitor will not support a 5G connection, but it will work great with any 204G WiFi network.
  • IR LED for night vision.
  • Storage on both cloud and SD card.
  • 260 degrees overall rotation.
  • Easy to install
  • Records all types of movements.
  • Not compatible with 5G.
  • It might not come with complete instructions.

Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

4. Wireless KAMTRON HD WiFi IP Camera

Another great IP camera from Kamtron is this model that will work as a very efficient surveillance tool.

  • This white Camera also comes in a black version so you can get the one that will match your background best.
  • The motion detection feature and the two-way audio feature make this Camera one of the most efficient models on the market. It also comes with an integrated microphone and speaker to use when you want to be interactive.
  • The video quality of baby monitor with screen and app is an HD 1280 x 720p, which offers you an excellent clarity image of your child and the nursery room.
  • You can use the compatible app on your phone, MAC, or PC, and it has a very user-friendly control panel.
  • As for the storage, this IP camera will store your data on any micro SD card you might use.
  • Easy to install on any device.
  • Clear HD image
  • Audio feature
  • Micro SD storage
  • Motion and soundtracking
  • Bothering popups in the app.
  • The image is not as clear during the night.

Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

5. Victure 1080P Wireless Indoor Surveillance IP Camera

This Victure IP camera comes at a budget-friendly price and an excellent quality so you can count on it at all times.

  • The resolution of this Camera is 1920 x 1080, and it offers you a clear 1080p HD image. You get a clear 30 feet image during complete darkness as well, thanks to the IR LED of this Camera.
  • You can use this Camera for calls as it has two options: intercom or hand-free feature. It is easy to control by using the app on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • The alerts you receive from this IP camera will be according to real-time motion detected in the nursery room. It will also detect sounds such as crying or barking.
  • You will find this device very easy and fast to install by connected it to a 2.4 G network. It will not be compatible with 5G, though.
  • This Camera also offers you a 360 degrees surveillance function, so you keep an eye on every motion that takes place in the baby’s room.
  • Easy to install
  • HD 1080p image
  • Call function
  • 360 degrees surveillance
  • Picks up motion and sound.
  • You might need to pay for a subscription to have access to all features.
  • Doesn’t work with 5G.

Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

6. Reolink PoE IP Camera

Reolink offers you a pack of two IP cameras to install in your nursery room, as well as any other space of your home.

REOLINK IP Security Cameras Outdoor for Home Surveillance, 5MP PoE Dome Cameras, 100ft IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Work with Smart Home, Up to 128GB SD Card Supported, RLC-520 (Pack of 2)

  • The 18 IR LED gives you perfect vision even in darkness. It is essential to be able to monitor your child at night, and this Camera allows you to do that with no hassle.
  • The night vision you get with this Camera is significantly more prominent than others as it covers between 80 feet and 100 feet.
  • You can use this Camera to live stream the data on your TV and control it easily through your app.
  • The app comes without any extra fee, and you can enjoy it from all your devices. You simply have to get into your account and access the data you want.
  • You can use this IP camera both indoors and outdoors. It is waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures as well.
  • On top of all these features, the Camera can record any type of sound on a 24/7 basis thanks to the NVR system.
  • The storage of this Camera is quite generous as well as it comes with a 3 TB HDD.
  • Pack of two cameras.
  • LED for night vision of 100 feet.
  • TV connection
  • 24/7 recording features
  • 3 TB HDD storage included.
  • The motion detection might be slower than other cameras.
  • Not as many settings available as other devices.
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Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

7. Amcrest 1080P Smart Home WiFi Baby Monitor

Amcrest also has this efficient IP camera that will turn out to be very useful in your nursery room.

Amcrest 1080P WiFi Camera Indoor, Nanny Cam, Dog Camera, Sound & Baby Monitor, Human & Pet Detection, Motion-Tracking, Phone App, Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera, Night Vision, Smart Home ASH21-W

  • You can use this IP camera to track both your baby and your pet as well as to have a high-tech surveillance tool in your home.
  • With this Camera, you can monitor the sound, video, and receive notifications from your baby’s room. You can install the app on several devices as well if you want more family members to get access to it.
  • The image of this Camera is 1080p, which you will notice is a common high standard for the best IP cameras on the market.
  • Every time there is motion in the room, this Camera will rotate and track it accurately.
  • If you need to track your baby at night, this Camera offers you 33 feet visibility even when the room is in complete darkness.
  • When it comes to storage, this Camera is generous as well. You can use the cloud or micro SD cards to keep your precious memories with your baby.
  • 1080p image
  • 33 feet darkness visibility.
  • Tracks both sound and motion.
  • Cloud and micro-SD storage.
  • Discreet design
  • Might lose connection
  • Difficult to reach customer support.
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Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

8. Wansview Wireless IP Camera 1080P HD

If you are looking for an IP camera that will offer you great quality at a budget-friendly price, this one might be a great option.

Wansview Security Camera, IP Camera 2K, WiFi Home Indoor Camera for Baby/Pet/Nanny, 2 Way Audio Night Vision, Works with Alexa, with TF Card Slot and Cloud

  • You can choose this IP camera in black or white and make it match your background.
  • A great feature of this device is that you can also connect it to Alexa if you want that option as a remote control.
  • The image created by this Camera is a 1080p one and full HD. You will enjoy a high-quality image every time you need to check on your little one.
  • The integrated microphone and speakers offer you a two-way audio function so you can use this Camera interactively.
  • The horizontal rotation of this Camera can get to 320 degrees while the vertical one can get to 80 degrees. The Camera has a 360 degrees total coverage. Thanks to these features, you will know at all times what goes on in the nursery room.
  • You can use an SD card for storage as well as a cloud account. Plus, you get access to everything you need right on your phone by using the compatible app.
  • This product is secured against hackers. So, you can be sure that all your data on the app is safe and not exposed to third parties.
  • 360 coverage
  • Clear HD image
  • SD card and cloud storage.
  • Secure
  • Easy to install
  • The software might often need updates.
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Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

9. SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera (HD)

This SereneLife IP camera will be just what you need to always see your baby even when you are not with them.

SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera, HD 1080p 2MP WiFi Network Security Surveillance Cam For Home Monitoring With LED, Motion Detect, Night Vision, PTZ

  • It is one of the best IP cameras that you can use if you are not technology savvy. You will find this Camera very easy to install and control.
  • The 720p resolution gives you a good image quality every time you check on your baby or pet.
  • The Camera comes with a microphone as well as speakers that are incorporated in its design. You can use it to talk to your baby if you need to calm them down from a distance.
  • You can set this Camera to record any motion detection but also sound alerts and send you a notification every time is needed.
  • The IR LED gives you a great night vision, as well. The light will not bother your baby as it is easy to set it and disable it too.
  • Easy to install
  • Microphone and speakers included.
  • Motion and sound detection.
  • Real-time notification
  • IR LED
  • Lower resolution than other similar cameras.
  • Difficult to set it up.
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Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

10. Littlelf 1080P Indoor WiFi IP Camera

Finally, we have one more IP camera to introduce to you from Littlelf. This model is the latest 2021 one, so it comes with the best features!

  • Since this is the latest app version, you will have to download “littlelf smart ” app to control it.
  • The resolution is 1080p and full HD so you will enjoy the high-quality of the image at all times.
  • As far as connectivity goes, this IP camera will work with a 2.4 G network or an Ethernet cable. It is not compatible with 5G.
  • This Camera offers you a larger angle when you check the room. The horizontal visibility is 355 degrees, and the vertical one is 110 degrees, which is bigger than most cameras.
  • With this Camera, you can detect any motion in your nursery room. It also has an auto-tracking function, which allows it to chase the movement as it happens.
  • If you want to use this Camera to actually call your baby or their nanny, it has a microphone and speaker built-in. All you have to do is call the Camera by using the application that comes with it.
  • You can install the app that goes with this Camera on as many devices as you want. Use the same account, and each member of your family can have it on their phone at all times.
  • Interactive Camera
  • 1080p resolution
  • Supports many accounts
  • Microphone and speaker included.
  • Discreet design
  • The certain feature is only available for a subscription fee.
  • Not compatible with 5G.

Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

Top-Rated IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring
Our Pick

Even if all the IP cameras in the list above are very efficient, the Amcrest 1080p will make for an ideal choice.

  • This Camera has premium features while it still comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • You can use it for checking on your baby as well as your pet, and it will be very efficient as a home surveillance device as well.
  • Besides having all the features, you need to track your baby, you can also connect this Camera to Alexa.
  • It allows you to track and record any type of motion and sound. However, you will have to set it up correctly, to begin with.
  • The light of this Camera is also very low, so it will not bother your little one as it records the room at nighttime.

If you want to invest in a good IP Camera, our selection will help you find the right product for you. It is essential to decide what features you would expect from such a device, to begin with.

This guide will help you narrow down your options and save a lot of research time. So, pick the right IP camera for you and always keep an eye on your little one!

Top 10 BEST IP Cameras For Baby Monitoring Reviews 1

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