Can Babies Have Distilled Water?

Once you have become a parent, you start questioning the quality of many things you are feeding your little one. You want them to have a healthy nutritious at all times and it all starts with the water you use for their formula.

Unless you breastfeed your baby, you will need to pay attention to both the water you choose and the type of formula you use. Can babies have distilled water? Read on.

Can Babies Have Distilled Water?

Baby Drinking Water

Babies younger than six months shouldn’t have plain distilled water. However, if your tap water is too contaminated, you can use distilled water in combination with the proper formula for your baby.

Once your baby starts to eat solid food, you can also start giving them pure water, such as distilled water. The main reason why you shouldn’t give your baby plain distilled water is that it has no electrolytes. If their little tummies get full of this type of liquid, then you might notice side effects such as irritability and even seizures.

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What is distilled water?

What Is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is purified water that is obtained through the process of vaporization and condensation.

  • The water gets vaporized and then is turned into its liquid form through the process of condensation.
  • By doing so, all the impurities or chemicals are removed, and what is left is H2O in its purest form.
  • However, along with the potential pollutants that might have been in the water, calcium and useful minerals are also removed through this process of vaporization and condensation.

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Do I need to boil distilled water for baby formula?

Boiled Water

If you decide to use distilled water for your baby’s formula meals, it is essential to bring it to a boil then allow it to cool down.

  • Any water you use for formula meals should be boiled for a minimum of two minutes and then allow it to cool down until it reaches a temperature that your baby can drink it at.
  • Boiling your baby’s water is important even for infants older than six months.
  • However, after your baby starts eating solid foods, you can introduce them to distilled water that is not necessarily boil.

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Difference between Nursery Water and Distilled Water

Nursery water is also a form of purified water that is created, especially for babies. However, there are certain differences between nursery water and distilled water that you should take into account.

Nursery water Distilled water
Might be enriched with minerals No minerals or electrolytes
Might contain Fluoride up to 0.7 parts per million No Fluoride
FDA regulated for baby consumption Not regulated for baby consumption
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Difference between the Tap Water and Distilled Water

Tap Water

What you should think twice before giving to your baby is tap water. The quality of this water varies a lot according to the city you live in and how the water is treated. But unless you test the tap water with regularity, you will not know its properties at all times. Here are some differences between tap water and distilled water to pay attention to!

Tap water Distilled water
Contains more than 0.7 parts per million of Fluoride No Fluoride
Not pure water Pure water
Not all tap water is the same quality All distilled water is the same
Contains bacteria Is bacteria-free
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Best bottled water for baby formula

Bottled Water

If you are trying to find the best water for your baby’s formula, you are on for a journey because there are plenty of options on the market.

  • Your pediatrician will recommend nursery water as this type of water is created, especially for babies.
  • You can use distilled water as a second option, too, if nursery water is not available to you.
  • If no type of nursery water or purified water is available, you can use boiled tap water. Springwater is not an option for baby formula, though.
  • This type of water is rich in minerals, which could cause mineral overdose as the baby formula has plenty of minerals.
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When can babies have tap water with formula?

Tap Water (Boiled)

If you have no other option for baby formula but to use tap water, this could become safe if you boil the water for a minimum of two minutes.

  • Simply bring tap water to a boil and then allow it to cool down before mixing it with the formula and feed it to your baby.
  • You can use tap water any time regardless of your baby’s age as long as you boil it properly.
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Can I use Poland spring water for baby formula?

Since Poland is a type of spring water, it is not recommended for baby formula.

  • Even if you boil this type of water, it will still contain plenty of minerals, which will get mixed with the minerals found in the baby formula.
  • Therefore, the risk of mineral overdose is very present, and you are much better if you use boiled tap water.

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While the type of water you use for your baby formula is essential, you should rest assured that boiling any type of water not rich in minerals will work.

The best water, however, remains purified water. You can choose either distilled water or nursery water to make your baby a delicious formula meal.

It is important to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns regarding the type of water you should use for your little one, especially in the first 6 months of their life.

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