Can I take Dayquil while breastfeeding?

During the winter months, getting a cold, flu, or infection is prevalent. However, if you’re a new mom and nursing your baby, is it safe to breastfeed if you have a cold? Well, don’t get alarmed.

Generally, nursing mothers should not abruptly stop breastfeeding just because they have a cold.

Can I take Dayquil while breastfeeding?

Vicks Dayquil is one of the safe treatments you can administer to yourself if you catch a cold when you are nursing.


Dayquil is another common drug used to treat a variety of symptoms of a cold. You should be able to take this treatment without dealing with any side effects. If you go to the pharmacy, Dayquil might be one of the first treatments they recommend if you are fighting a cold. It is very efficient for severe flu symptoms as well.

Unlike Benadryl, Dayquil is considered to be safe for mothers that are breastfeeding.

The main active ingredient in this drug is Dextromethorphan.

  • This is a medicine that treats mostly the productive cough and reduces it significantly.
  • There are no known risks associated with taking this treatment for nursing mothers.
  • However, you should be careful with the dosage of this treatment. It can become dangerous if you take more than you see is recommended on the instructions.
  • If you do overdose on this medicine, you might experience vomiting, nausea, dizziness, and lack of sleep.
  • Plus, the more of this treatment you take, the highest the risk of getting it in your breastmilk and to your baby.

Dayquil is a standard treatment for symptoms of cold, such as fever, runny nose, allergies, itchy nose, throat or itchy eyes, as well as cough.

You can take it without medical advice, but if you are breastfeeding, you should always ask for a doctor’s opinion before taking a new medicine.

If you do take this treatment without your doctor’s recommendation, read the instructions carefully. Your pharmacist can also offer you essential guidance on how to administrate Dayquil as a breastfeeding mother.

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Can I Take Dayquil While Breastfeeding? 1

The bottom line is that Dayquil is safe to be used by nursing mothers as long as the recommended dosage is respected.

If you have a severe cold, you should take this treatment for up to seven days. In case you don’t see any improvements, you should go to the doctor for a more efficient treatment.

Can I Take Dayquil While Breastfeeding? 1

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