Thrush is a fungus that can cause symptoms in the mother and the baby.
It can cause intense nipple pain in the mother and soreness in the baby’s mouth.

In the mother, possible symptoms of thrush include:

intense nipple or breast pain that occurs from birth, lasts throughout the nursing, and is not improved with better latch-on and positioning
sudden onset of nipple and/or breast pain after the newborn period
nipples that are itchy or burning and appear pink or red, shiny, flaky, and/or have a rash with tiny blisters
cracked nipples
shooting pains in the breast during or after feedings
vaginal yeast infections
In the baby, possible symptoms of thrush include:

diaper rash
creamy white patches inside baby’s mouth, cheeks or on the tongue
a whitish sheen to the saliva or inside of the lips
baby repeatedly pulling off the breast or refusing to nurse (because his mouth is sore)
The baby may also be without visible symptoms.

If you suspect that you have thrush, contact your health care provider and your counselor.  You need to contact your doctor to get a proper diagnosis, and treatment if you do have thrush.  Both mother and baby need to be treated for the infection to go away.  Your counselor can give you support while you continue breastfeeding during treatment.


Mix 1 cup of warm water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar

Use this solution to rinse both breasts after every feeding.   Also, swab baby’s mouth with this solution after every feeding.  You can wrap your finger in a washcloth then dip it into the water/vinegar solution and swab baby’s mouth.

You must do this after every single feeding.  You should start to see relief within 24-48 hours.  Continue the treatment for 10 days.


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