Can Babies Eat Maple Syrup?

As you start to introduce solid foods to your baby, you will be tempted to give them all kinds of things to try. Maple syrup and other sweet syrup types are delicious, and most of us love to add them to our deserts. But are they healthy for your little one?

Can Babies Eat Maple Syrup?

Can Babies Have Maple Syrup?

Pediatricians generally recommend waiting until your baby turns one year old before introducing maple syrup, corn syrup, or honey to your baby’s diet.

The restrictions regarding honey are related to botulism risks, but maple syrup doesn’t present such risks. Still, your baby’s body is not fully developed to digest this type of syrup in the first year of their life.


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Can Babies have aunt Jemima syrup?

Aunt Jemima syrup is one of the most popular syrups on the market. It goes excellent with pancakes, but you can use it with other types of desserts as well.

Can Babies Have Aunt Jemima Syrup?

  • This syrup contains corn syrup, water, caramel salt, salt, a various range of flavorings, and preservatives such as Sodium Benzoate and Sorbic Acid.
  • This syrup can be introduced to your baby’s meals after they are one year old. But it is essential to not give it to them regularly.
  • Its ingredients are not organic or completely natural. Therefore, you don’t want to give your baby chemicals such as preservatives.
  • Plus, the salt and sugar levels in Aunt Jemima syrup could become concerning for your baby’s health if they eat it daily.

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Can babies eat pancake syrup?

After your baby reached one year old, they can eat almost everything you eat, including pancake syrup.

Can Babies Eat Pancake Syrup?

  • However, making the pancake syrup in the house is always a better alternative.
  • You can add some pancake syrup to your baby’s pancakes from the market but consider that such products are rich in salt, sugar, and different chemicals that are not healthy.
  • If you want to make pancake syrup at home, you can use sugar, water, and different flavorings. You can also use honey. E ven if the syrup turns out extremely rich in sugar, you will skip the other chemicals that are far more dangerous.

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Can babies have Golden Syrup?

Golden syrup is another famous syrup that you will be tempted to give to your baby.

Can Babies Have Golden Syrup?

  • This syrup is coming in an amber color, and it is an inverted sugar syrup.
  • The process of making this syrup is based mostly on sugar and sometimes an acid solution.

Golden syrup is based on sugar, and you have to consider this aspect when you introduce it to your baby.

  • As long as your child is older than one year of age, they can occasionally have golden syrup.
  • It is essential not to give it to them daily, along with their desserts or other dishes. But if you cook a dessert for your baby and you want to sweeten it with golden syrup, you can.
  • Too much sugar will give your baby a boost of energy and challenge their digestive system simultaneously.
  • You don’t want to overdo it, but every now and then, your baby will not suffer severe side effects from some golden syrup in their deserts.

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Maple syrup for baby constipation

Maple Syrup For Baby Constipation

If your baby is constipated, first of all, you should try to identify the cause of this problem. Is it a one-time event, or is it a chronic condition that needs medical attention?

  • If it is a one-time event, you might want to consider alternatives to medical treatments. Maple syrup could be one of these alternatives as long as you don’t overdo it.
  • The best way to use maple syrup in treating baby constipation is to add one tablespoon of syrup to four ounces of water.
  • Give your baby to drink this liquid in their regular bottle. This should fix the constipation problem unless it is a chronic one that requires medical attention.
  • If your baby is younger than four months and didn’t have a stool in four days, you should talk to their pediatrician before you give them any type of treatment.

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Can a seven-month-old eat pancakes?

Can A Seven Month Old Eat Pancakes?

Pancakes are delicious, and they come in all types of recipes.

  • You can make them at home, from scratch, or buy different mixes that you find on the market. Either way, chances are that you will want to share this fantastic dessert with your baby.
  • The good news is that your baby can enjoy some pancakes once they start their solid food intake.
  • The way you prepare the pancakes is critical as well. You should try to reduce the sugar to a minimum and skip adding syrup until your baby is one year old.
  • Don’t use honey either before that age to eliminate all potential risks of botulism. The best way to prepare pancakes is at home as you have complete control over the ingredients you add to your recipe.
  • But you can find safe mixes on the market as well if you read the tag and don’t choose those that are rich in chemicals.

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Can babies have corn syrup?

Can Babies Have Corn Syrup?

Your baby will most likely eat corn syrup, as it is a common ingredient of many foods. You will find it in different other syrups such as the Aunt Jemima syrup for pancakes.

  • In small and controlled quantities, corn syrup is safe for babies older than one year of age. However, it is not a healthy option if you feed it regularly and in larger quantities.
  • Corn syrup is 100% glucose, so it will be just as sweet as table sugar. Infants younger than one year shouldn’t have added artificial sugar to their diet as they don’t need it. Their bodies are not developed enough to process it.
  • But once they reached their first birthday, you can give them syrups or other deserts containing corn syrup on rare occasions.
  • There is a myth that says corn syrup will help with constipation, just like maple syrup would. But this is not always the case as corn syrup has a different chemical structure that is harder to digest for your baby.

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Can babies have agave syrup?

Can Babies Have Agave Syrup?

Agave syrup is one of the main competitors for maple syrup and the more classic honey. However, you should avoid this type of syrup when it comes to your baby’s diet unless you are sure it comes from a natural source.

  • The most common type of agave syrup is highly processed. It can be harder to digest for babies than maple syrup or corn syrup.
  • The common conception about agave syrup is that it is healthier because it comes from the agave plant.
  • But this health benefit goes away if the syrup faces a processing phase. It is altered with significant quantities of sugar and chemicals.
  • Sometimes, artificial colorants are added to the processed agave syrup, diminishing its nutritional properties even more.

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As you can see, maple syrup and other syrup types are safe for babies older than one year of age if they have them in moderation. The best source of sugar for infants, however, remains fruits.

If you can avoid artificial sugars for your baby, you will do them a big favor as there is no real benefit in this type of sugar.

Can Babies Eat Maple Syrup? 1

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