Can Babies Have Pedialyte?

Infants are prone to dehydration. It is vital to avoid this condition as much as possible, as it can be life-threatening. To avoid dehydrating for your baby, you should make sure they drink plenty of water, breastmilk, or formula, according to their age.

There are also certain drugs on the market that can prevent dehydration in children. Still, you can’t just give them such products without proper research. Pedialyte is one of these drugs; it is prevalent among parents who want to prevent dehydration in children of all ages.

Can babies have Pedialyte?

You can give your baby Pedialyte as soon as they are 3 months old. Different pediatricians, however, will have different opinions. It is essential to consult your doctor before giving your baby Pedialyte. But you will adjust the way you administrate this drug to them according to their age and dehydration condition.

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What is Pedialyte?

Pedialyte is in the category of ORS, oral rehydration solution drugs, and you can purchase it over the counter without the need for a medical prescription.

  • Pedialyte contains water, minerals, and sugar. It is known for preventing severe dehydration that can come due to sweating or certain health conditions.
  • This drug is served as a beverage, and it is easy to administer to your baby. You can give it to them with formula or breastmilk when they are younger than 6 months or with water for older babies.

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How does Pedialyte help?

Infants tend to stay easily hydrated by simply having their formula and breastmilk drinks every day. But once they start eating solid foods, the hydration will have to come mostly from water.

  • When your baby is sick, they might refuse to drink water, and they might have digestive issues, which can get them dehydrated quite fast.
  • If this happens, you can offer them water, but you will have to look for alternatives if they refuse to drink it. This is where Pedialyte comes into play as a very efficient option.
  • Pedialyte is rich in electrolytes, more than plain water, so it will hydrate your baby a lot faster.
  • Another advantage of this product is the sugar input, which helps to absorb those electrolytes easier in your baby’s system.
  • However, you should read the instructions and give your baby the appropriate dosage according to their age and how dehydrated they actually are.

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Can babies have Pedialyte popsicles?

If your baby is older than one year of age, you might want to give them Pedialyte popsicles.

  • These are popsicles that you can store in your freezer and are very good for alleviating teething pains as well.
  • Thanks to the fact that they are frozen, they will numb your baby’s gums, so they don’t suffer from those aches as much. And you keep them hydrated at the same time.
  • It is essential not to give infants popsicles of any kind until the choking hazard is eliminated. You might be able to give them popsicles before one year old but not sooner than 8 months.

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Can babies drink Pedialyte when not sick?

Yes, babies can drink Pedialyte even if they don’t show signs of dehydration or sickness.

  • You can use this product as a prevention method if you notice your baby has runny stools or if they refuse to drink enough water. But it is essential to not overdo it.
  • Suppose your baby doesn’t show any signs of sickness. In that case, you can consider giving them a popsicle of Pedialyte on a hot summer day but not regularly.
  • Your baby should also be old enough for the popsicle as well. Don’t give your baby Pedialyte daily unless they go through a specific illness that causes them to dehydrate.
  • It is also essential to always consult your doctor before administrating your baby this drug, as well as any other one.

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Pedialyte for 2 months old babies

If your baby is younger than 3 months old, you should pay attention to their dehydration level.

  • It can take only a couple of hours to get to a severe health condition due to dehydration. Infants dehydrate fast, so one or two runny stool diapers should be enough of a red flag.
  • Most pediatricians don’t recommend giving babies that are younger than 3 months Pedialyte. But suppose your pediatrician thinks this is a solution to save them from dehydration. In that case, you should respect the dosage they give you as well.
  • Two months old babies should only have the drinking version of this product. Save the popsicle version for toddlers older than one year.

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Pedialyte for toddlers

If your baby is older than one year of age, you can give them Pedialyte in all forms, including as a popsicle.

  • According to the instructions on the package, you can have them enjoy a popsicle or two a day.
  • If you choose to give them the drink, make sure they don’t drink it all at once.
  • Give them a couple of sips every 15 minutes so their body can assimilate it completely.

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Dehydration is a condition that should receive all your attention, especially if your baby is younger than one year old. For infants, dehydration could be life-threatening, and it can get from mild to severe fast.

This is why your intervention should be just as fast, and using Pedialyte instead of water might be a wise choice as long as you don’t overdose them on it.

Check the product’s instructions and consult your doctor before administrating Pedialyte to your little one to stay on the safe side!

Can Babies Have Pedialyte? 1

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