Can you reuse breast milk storage bags

If you are more comfortable using milk bags rather than bottles, you should know that these are very popular as well as very safe.

They have essential advantages to them, such as perfect storage and taking less space in the fridge or freezer. They also come in different sizes so you can store as much milk as you find necessary for one meal in each milk bag.

However, can you reuse these types of bags without exposing your baby to any health risks? Read on.


Can you reuse breast milk storage bags?

You can’t, and you shouldn’t think to reuse milk storage bags for 3 primary reasons outlined below..

Breast Milk Storage Bags

A) Storage bags lose their sterilization effects once used

The main reason why you shouldn’t reuse breastmilk storage bags is the fact that they come pre-sterilized.

  • This means that once you use it, it will not be sterile anymore. If you think that you can sterilize them again by using your baby sterilizer, this is not an option.
  • These bags are not meant to be sterilized again as they are made of a material that will not resist the sterilizing process.
  • If you try to do that, you will most likely damage the bags in the process, and you will end up tossing them anyway.

B) Breast milk storage bags are not expensive

On the other hand, breastmilk storage bags are reasonably budget-friendly. You can purchase 100+ bags for less.

  • You will not have to invest a fortune in them, and you can count on them for a long time, especially if you are planning to freeze your milk.
  • They look similar even if you purchase them from different brands.
  • They are also fairly resistant, so once you get used to these bags, you shouldn’t have any problems incorporating them into your daily routine.

C) Reusing the storage bags increase the risk of contamination

Reusing milk bags (assuming you are willing to take the risk and try to clean and use the bag again) can expose your baby to several hazards.

  • First of all, you will take the risk of contaminating the milk inside the bag.
  • A reused bag will have bacteria attached to it. The bacteria will get into the breastmilk as soon as you fill the bag.
  • You will also risk having the bag leak and therefore waste your milk. Once you used a bag, it will lose its resistance.
  • So, it might not withstand storing a new quantity of milk just as well as the first time.
  • Also, it is essential never to fill these bags all the way up.
  • Milk expands in the freezer, and you risk tearing the bag if you put too much milk into it.
  • Fill it only three quarters to avoid such an unpleasant consequence.

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Can You Reuse Breast Milk Storage Bags? 1

Even if you can’t reuse breastmilk bags, they are still very efficient and one of the best ways to store your breastmilk.

These breast milk storage bags are sterilized and secured well enough not to have any concerns.

You can also count on the fact that they will not leak as long as you use them properly, and they can last a long time in the freezer, so you have many meals ready ahead of time.

Can You Reuse Breast Milk Storage Bags? 1

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