Pregnancy and giving birth are putting your body through significant changes. Besides the fact that you should take care of your body during pregnancy, it is also essential to take care of it after you had your baby.

Best Postpartum Legging

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If we had to choose one pair of postpartum leggings, the Louisa model, which is also number one on our list, would be that. These leggings are high waist, your belly will be well supported, and you can lose the pregnancy belly faster!

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You should invest in clothes that will accommodate the new needs of your body. This is why postpartum leggings are so popular among new moms.


If you never purchased postpartum leggings, this guide will help you understand their benefits but also choose the right pair for you. Let’s dive into the journey of finding the best leggings to wear as a new mother!

Why do I need postpartum leggings?

Postpartum leggings are created primarily to support your legs after giving birth. They also help your abdomen too if you choose a pair with a high waist as they come in many models. Here are the main reasons why you should wear postpartum leggings!

  • The high waisted maternity leggings will help you reduce the postpartum belly. They have a compressing feature that allows your abdomen to get back to its original shape.
  • The postpartum high waist leggings offer you a comfortable feeling that you will definitely appreciate after having a baby. They have a soft material that increases the comfort of your legs, belly, and buttocks.
  • These postpartum high waisted leggings are stretchy and make your body look good again. Let’s face it, having a baby is not easy on your body, and it will take some weeks until you get back to your flattering shape. During these weeks, you can wear postpartum leggings to still look good and feel confident.
  • These maternity high waisted leggings go great with a lot of outfits. Postpartum leggings look just like regular leggings, and you can wear them with a lot of dresses, skirts, and almost any outfit.
  • Since high waisted pregnancy leggings are comfortable too, you can wear them under your jeans as well, and your legs will look impressively good.

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How does the postpartum legging help?

These types of leggings are similar in the way they look with any other leggings. However, they are significantly better due to the materials they are made of. These leggings are more stretchy and softer than other leggings.

Thanks to the elasticity they have, they will add the right compression on parts of your body that need it and help you have a flattering shape.

Postpartum leggings are stimulating blood circulation as they are tight on your legs. Thanks to the compression feature, they will reduce the size of your belly to its shape before getting pregnant.

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Top 8 Best Postpartum Legging Reviews 1

When to use the postpartum legging?

Postpartum leggings are perfect for women that just had a baby. They are not recommended for pregnant women as they add too much pressure on the belly area. But if you had your baby recently and want to help your body get back in shape, such a pair of leggings is just what you need.

Because belly compression leggings are so comfortable and they are made of a soft and stretchy material, you might enjoy wearing them even if you didn’t give birth recently. They are definitely a great piece to have in your closet.

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Types of Postpartum leggings

As the postpartum leggings grew in popularity in the past years, nowadays, you can find more types on the market. Keep in mind that what you choose should satisfy the needs of your body and bring you comfort as well.

  • Fabric leggings: These leggings are made of fabric, as their name says. You will find them made of lycra, polyester, spandex, wool, and even cotton or silk. Generally, fabric leggings are appreciated for their comfort.
  • Leggings that have ankle-length: These leggings go just above your ankles, which makes them adaptable to a lot of different outfits. You can combine them with dresses, long sweaters, skirts and you can wear them in all seasons.
  • Capri or mid-length leggings: These leggings are more prevalent during the warm season. They end at around the middle distance between your knees and your ankles. You can find them made of different materials. Just like the previous ones, these leggings will go great with many different outfits.
  • Jeggings: Jeggings are a mix between your classic jeans and leggings. You can think of these as leggings that look like jeans. They might have pockets too. If you go for such a pair, you need to pay attention to the material they are made of. You want them soft, stretchy, and with a waist that is high enough to satisfy your needs. So, don’t just go for the way the jeggings look like.
  • High waist leggings: High waist leggings cover your belly. They are perfect if you need to lose some belly fat and get back in shape. These leggings will also work great during winter as they will keep you warm.
  • Low or Medium waist leggings: Leggings with a low waist will not offer you any compression to your belly. If this is not a priority for you, they might be a great choice. These leggings support your legs and buttocks, without covering your belly or helping you shape it.

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What to look for?

Before purchasing the pair of belly compression leggings, you want, there are certain things you should consider. The following criteria will help you make sure that you take the right decision before pulling your credit card out!

A) The thickness of the material

How thick the fabric is should be your primary concern. If you are planning to wear leggings during the summer days, you might want to look for ones that are made of thin material. Consequently, if you wear them during winter, thicker material will keep you warmer. You also want your leggings to not be seethrough in case you want to wear them as a replacement for pants. The fabric of your leggings should also allow your skin to breathe.

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B) Length

As we mentioned, you can find postpartum leggings at different lengths. You can’t really go wrong here, as all it matters is your personal style and taste. Think of the outfits you will wear the leggings with, and you should make the best decision. Also, if you plan to wear them during summer days, you might not need them to come in maximum length.

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C) Waist

Choosing between a high waist and low waist is also very important. You should decide this based on both your body type but also your comfort. If you want to remodel your belly after giving birth, the high waist postpartum leggings will be the best choice for you.

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D) Compression

Not all postpartum leggings offer you the best compression level. This is the reason why you should always check the description of a product but also previous reviews. Leggings that have a high compression level are made of a compression fabric that offers you more support than regular leggings. But not everyone likes that so you should consider your needs before anything else.

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Best Postpartum Leggings

The following postpartum leggings are of excellent quality. You will be impressed not only by their features but also their overall design.

1. Louisa Maternity & Postpartum Support Leggings

Louisa Postpartum Legging

The first pair of postpartum leggings that you will not regret investing in is this one from Louisa.

  • You can find them in small, medium, large, and extra-large (XL) and even XXL size, and the manufacturer also offer a size guide that you can check out before purchasing.
  • These maternity shaping leggings are created to offer you all the support you need to get your body back in shape after you had your baby.
  • These best leggings for postpartum are high waist leggings and will cover your belly. The height of these leggings ends right under your breasts.
  • You will love the comfort you feel as you are wearing these Louisa maternity postpartum leggings. The material is soft and flexible to wrap all your body curves nicely.
  • These leggings are made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. You can wash them in the gentle cycle of your washing machine. Be careful not to iron them or bleach them.
  • You can find these best postpartum support leggings in two different colors, black, and grey, according to your preferences.
  • They come in all sizes.
  • High waist leggings
  • Made of high-quality fabric.
  • Two-color choices
  • Easy to wash and maintain.
  • Plus size postpartum leggings
  • You can only find them in two colors, but they go great with any outfit as both colors are universal.
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2. Louisa Maternity & Postpartum Support Leggings

Postpartum Support Legging

Another Louisa postpartum leggings that will not disappoint you is this model that also comes in most sizes.

  • These best leggings for postpartum cover sizes from small, medium to large, and extra-large.
  • You can find them in grey color as well as a black color. This makes it easier to match them with different outfits as well.
  • The material of these leggings is 85% polyester and 15% spandex. This mix makes the postpartum leggings elastic enough to accommodate your body and firm enough to offer you the support you need.
  • You can wash them cold by using the gentle cycle. A great thing about these leggings is that you don’t have to worry about losing their shape as you wash them.
  • They are ideal for women who want to lose some belly fat as they come in high waist, and they cover your entire abdomen.
  • High waist postpartum leggings.
  • Made of a mix of polyester and spandex.
  • You can wash them in the washing machine.
  • They cover most sizes.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Plus size postpartum leggings
  • You shouldn’t wash them too often because they will get damaged.
  • The only colors they come in are grey and black.
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3. Martina Postpartum Support Crop Pocket Leggings

Postpartum Support Crop Pocket Leggings

This pair of postpartum leggings from Martina is just what you need if you are looking for comfort.

  • These black high waist maternity leggings are ideal for new moms who are not concerned about losing their belly fat, but they are looking for comfort.
  • These postpartum leggings with pockets have a medium waist that will reach your belly button, but you can also stretch them to become a high waist.
  • You can wear these best compression leggings for pregnancy too since they don’t compress your belly too much even when you wear them in high waist style.
  • A great feature of these leggings is that they have pockets. You will not find many pairs with pockets, which makes these leggings a bit special.
  • These maternity shaping leggings are made of a combination of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Thanks to this fabric mix, they are very elastic, and they offer you the comfort you need at the same time.
  • These best postpartum support leggings come in sizes from small to extra extra large. So, you will definitely find the right size for you!
  • These postpartum leggins can be worn as medium waist as well as high waist.
  • Very comfortable during all seasons.
  • You can find them in all sizes.
  • They have pockets
  • You can also wear them as pregnancy leggings.
  • Postpartum leggings plus sizes available
  • You will find them only in black color.
  • Might be too thick for summer days.
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4. Stella Postpartum Support Crop Leggings

Postpartum Support Crop Leggings

These Stella postpartum leggings are ideal for nursing mothers. They combine functionality with comfort in a way that is hard to beat!

  • You can wear these postpartum crop leggings during the night as well as during the day. They are soft enough to give you the comfort you need at all times.
  • These postpartum leggings come in sizes such as small, medium, large or extra-large. You will definitely identify the best pair for you if you have your heart set on these leggings.
  • Since these high waisted jeggings come in black color, you can combine them with everything you want, and they will create a perfect outfit.
  • They have an ankle-length, which makes these leggings perfect for warmer days as well. The waist is medium, which makes them an excellent choice for moms who are not concerned about belly fat.
  • The material of these leggings is a mix of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. These postpartum clothes for women are very stretchy and also support your body with impressive strength.
  • You can wash these postnatal compression leggings cold in the washing machine, but make sure to always use the gentle cycle. Bleaching and ironing them is not recommended.
  • Ankle length size, perfect for summer.
  • Very stretchy material
  • Medium waist
  • They come in all sizes.
  • Easy to match with any outfit.
  • They might be too stretchy for some mothers.
  • You don’t have a great selection of colors.
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5. Movemama High Waisted Postpartum Leggings

This Movemama postpartum legging will bring you the comfort you need and the best support for your body once you had your baby.

Movemama Women’s Active Maternity Leggings with Pockets, Medium, Black

  • These postpartum leggings with pockets come only in black color, but there are two different styles. One style has laser cutting on the sides of the leggings while the other style is plain.
  • As for the size, you can choose any size from extra small to extra large, so finding the pair you need shouldn’t be a problem.
  • These high waist leggings will work correctly for both pregnant women as well as new mothers. You can wear them in a medium or low waist as well according to your needs.
  • These postpartum clothes have useful pockets to carry your keys, cards, or phone with no hassle. The fabric is also very soft and stretchy, so you will feel comfortable at all times.
  • The 7/8 length of these leggings makes them easy to wear with any type of outfit. They offer the compression you need after you gave birth, too, so you will get back in shape faster.
  • Great for both new moms and pregnant women.
  • Soft material
  • All sizes available
  • Two exciting styles to choose from.
  • High waist that can be adjusted to medium or low waist too.
  • They might be too warm for summer days.
  • The 7/8 length will not go with all types of outfits.
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6. Mothers Essentials Postpartum Compression Leggings

Mothers Essentials offer a great pair of postpartum leggings that you will love to wear as well.

MOTHERS ESSENTIALS Postpartum High Waist Tummy Compression Control Slimming 3/4 Capri Leggings (Medium, Black)

  • You will notice that these best postnatal leggings are at a more budget-friendly price than other postpartum leggings. However, the quality still remains at a high level one.
  • These best postpartum compression comes in a universal black color and all sizes you could be interested in from extra small to extra large.
  • The material of these best postpartum compression leggings is a combination of 92% polyamide and 8% elastane.
  • You can wear these postpartum shaping leggings all day long and feel comfortable while you take care of all your activities.
  • The fact that these mothers essentials postpartum leggings come at Capri length makes that much better for summer days or casual outfits.
  • These post partum compression leggings have a high waist and will cover your belly enough to offer you the support you need after giving birth.
  • Made of a soft material.
  • Ankle length
  • All sizes available
  • High waist
  • Great compression level
  • Best postpartum capri leggings
  • The high waist will not be as high as some mothers might prefer.
  • There are no other colors but black.
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7. Belly Bandit – BDA Leggings

The Belly Bandit postpartum leggings have all you need to feel comfortable as you are wearing them. They will go great with any type of outfit as well!

Belly Bandit Maternity Leggings BDA Legging - Before-During-After Pregnancy Leggings for Women - Black - Small

  • These best postpartum compression leggings come at a medium price range, and they are of excellent quality, so you can count on them for a long time.
  • The size range is not as generous, but you can still purchase them in small, medium, or large.
  • As far as material goes, these postpartum shaping leggings are made of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. This combination is great for all seasons, and it offers your body the comfort it needs every day.
  • Your skin will breathe just fine as you are wearing these leggings. These Belly Bandit leggings are also very soft and lightweight.
  • These best compression leggings for postpartum are perfect for pregnant ladies as well as new moms since they are very flexible.
  • Since they have no seams, you will not have to worry about any discomfort while you are wearing them.
  • The waist is a low-medium style, so they are ideal for summer days, but they will not offer you the belly support that other pairs offer.
  • No seams
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Breathable material
  • Great for pregnant and postpartum times.
  • You can wear them all day with no discomfort.
  • Not a wide range of sizes.
  • No belly support
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8. BLANQI Everyday Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings

Blanqi offers a great pair of postpartum leggings as well that you will find useful in a variety of situations. You can wear these leggings daily as you might fall in love with their comfort! Here are the BLANQI postpartum leggings reviews.

BLANQI Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Leggings, Over The Belly Pregnancy Tights, Moderate Support, Seamless (Large, Black)

  • These best post partum leggings also come in three sizes, such as small, medium, and large.
  • These BLANQI leggings are made of 94% nylon and 6% spandex and will offer you a moderate level of support.
  • Since they have a high waist, you will love to use them after you had your baby as they help you reduce the belly fat.
  • You will find these BLANQI post partum leggings very comfortable and easy to match with many outfits.
  • These best maternity and postpartum leggings work best for winter days due to the high waist style, but you can also roll them down to a medium or low waist if you want to wear them in the summer.
  • Breathable material
  • Moderate support level
  • High waist
  • Perfect for pregnant or nursing moms.
  • Easy to match them with many outfits.
  • They might tear easily.
  • Only three sizes to choose from.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear postpartum leggings during pregnancy?

There are plenty of postpartum leggings that are great for pregnant ladies too. However, this is not a general rule. If you want to wear them during pregnancy, you should choose a pair that is very elastic and stretchy. You don’t want too much compression on your belly as you are pregnant. But you want enough compression once you gave birth to help you reduce the postpartum belly. Read the description of each product as the manufacturer will specify these details.

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Should I wear postpartum leggings at night?

If you are comfortable wearing compression postpartum leggings, there will be no problem in sleeping with such leggings. But if you find them to be too tight or too thick, you should not wear them at night, or you should try a different pair. The more you wear these best post pregnancy leggings, the faster you will get back in shape.

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Will postpartum leggings tear easily?

How easily such leggings will tear will vary significantly on the material that they are made of. Most postpartum compression pants are made of fabric, be it polyester, nylon, or spandex or a combination of such materials. If you choose thin leggings, the risk of tearing will be higher than with thicker ones. And since you will most likely want to wear them as pants, going for a thicker option might be a wise decision. Try to stay away from silk or cotton or other flimsy material as these are also more prone to get damaged.

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Top-Rated Postpartum Legging

Our Pick

We chose the Louisa postpartum leggings as they offer everything you might be looking for in such a pair.

  • Because they are high waist, your belly will be well supported, and you can lose the pregnancy belly faster.
  • We also like that these leggings will work for pregnant mothers as well because they don’t add a dangerous level of compression.
  • Another advantage is the stretchy material, which still allows your skin to breathe comfortably.
  • These leggings will take the shape of your body and offer you a flattering look every time you wear them.

Postpartum leggings can really change your life for the better. Not only that, you will regain your shape faster, but you will also feel more comfortable wearing them.

The list in this detailed guide, as well as the information we included, should help you find the right postpartum leggings for you in no time. So, get your pair and enjoy more relaxing days to come by wearing them!

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