Best Vitamins For Breastfeeding Moms

If you are a nursing mother, you know how important it is to have all the vitamins you need to stay healthy for you and your baby. During breastfeeding months, you need to provide your body with all the essential vitamins.

Best Vitamins For Breastfeeding Moms
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Before we go to the extended list of vitamins for nursing mothers, we have to mention the Pink Stork Recovery set that will come with everything you need. It is perfect for gaining your strength as a mother!

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This will not only make sure you stay healthy, but it will also add to the quality of your breastmilk.

So, you shouldn’t neglect the power of vitamins during such a challenging phase. If you wonder what type of vitamins you should consider, this guide will help you a lot to find the information you need!

Can I Take A Multivitamin While Breastfeeding?

Yes, not only that, you can take vitamins, but you actually should take them, especially if you are breastfeeding. You should take vitamins that are recommended for breastfeeding moms to make sure they provide all you need. Here are a few reasons that should motivate you when it comes to taking your daily vitamins as a nursing mother.

Breastfeeding and Multivitamins

First of all, it is ideal to talk to your doctor before starting to take a daily multivitamin. A specialist will recommend the types of vitamins you need once they go through the proper investigations. You don’t take significant risks by getting the vitamins you think will work best. However, they might not give you the results your body needs since you don’t know precisely what are your deficits. So, better to talk to your doctor before you start any new treatment.
  • Your vitamins should be rich in iron, vitamin C, as well as vitamin B of all kinds. They should cover all the daily needs your body has and give you the energy you need. If you take the right vitamins and treat all your deficits, the breastmilk you produce will be more nutritious as well. Therefore, your baby will benefit a lot more from your milk as well. Think about your needs but also your baby’s needs when you choose the multivitamins for your diet.
  • Keep in mind that multivitamins don’t replace a healthy diet. You will still need to make sure your diet is as balanced as possible. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies as well as lean meat to get the protein you need. Your body will consume a lot more energy when you are breastfeeding. For this reason, you need to make sure that you feed yourself well enough to have the energy you need for the entire day. A balanced diet is completed, not replaced, by taking daily vitamins as well.

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Can I Take Vitamin C While Breastfeeding?

Yes. You can take vitamin C when you are breastfeeding.

Vitamin C and Breastfeeding

  • As a matter of fact, you will need this vitamin in larger quantities than you did when you were pregnant. This is why it is safer to orientate yourself towards postnatal vitamins and vitamins made, especially for breastfeeding mothers. Because your prenatal vitamins might not be adequate for your body needs anymore.
  • Your daily intake of vitamin C when you are nursing should be 120 mg. You can go over this number but try not to go below it.
  • Be careful with citrus foods, though, because too much of it could upset your baby’s stomach and make them gassy.

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Is It Safe To Take Vitamin B Complex While Breastfeeding?

Vitamin B12 and Nursing

When it comes to B vitamins of all kinds, there are more factors to consider:

  • Usually, if you are not breastfeeding or pregnant, and you maintain a balanced diet, you should take the necessary vitamin B complex from your food. However, for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, the body needs more B vitamins than usual.
  • The B complex vitamins are multivitamins that come with all 8 types of Bs. Each pill you find in such a complex contains B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12.
  • You should consider taking a B vitamin complex if you are breastfeeding because your body will consume a lot more of these vitamins than usual. Also, if you are a vegetarian or a vegan mother, you will need to supplement your B12 with daily vitamins because you will not get it from your food.
  • If your diet has a deficit of B vitamins, naturally, your breastmilk will have as well. Babies who don’t get enough B12 or other types of Bs and Folate will be at higher risk for neurological deficiencies. You can avoid such things by making sure to have enough Bs in your diet and take a B complex of vitamins. Talk to your doctor to know exactly how much B supplements you need according to your body.

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Importance of Vitamins During Breastfeeding

The importance of vitamins and other supplements depends on the needs of your body. Not all breastfeeding women will have the same requirements when it comes to the vitamins they need. This is why talking to your doctor is an important step before you add any vitamins to your diet. Here is why you should take vitamins as a nursing mother!

Importance of vitamins while breastfeeding

  • They keep your body balanced: If your diet is not balanced, vitamins become more critical than usual. They don’t replace a proper diet, but they can fix a deficit that you might have. The best example is for vegan or vegetarians mothers who don’t get any B12 from their diet. In such a case, B12 supplements are not optional, they are a must. The same applies to mothers who eat no vitamin C foods, and they will have to take vitamin C supplements. If you have a balanced diet, the vitamins will only add to it without being vitally important. But on the contrary, they will be essential for your body and the health of your baby as well.
  • You get the energy you need for all your daily activities: As a nursing mother, you will spend a lot more calories than usual. The calorie intake recommended for breastfeeding moms is around 2000 and 2500 a day. However, you might find yourself too busy to actually respect this recommended intake. Busy or not, your body will consume energy the same, so you might need to supplement this energy with vitamins so that you don’t get tired too much or feel exhausted.
  • They make your breastmilk more nutritious: Everything you eat and drink will pass to your breastmilk in a smaller or bigger quantity. This is why you need to pay attention to your food but also to the supplements that you are taking. If you take the right vitamins recommended for breastfeeding mothers, your baby will benefit from them as well. The vitamins will enrich your breastmilk with more nutritious ingredients, and therefore, your baby will be stronger and healthier.
  • You go through fewer mood swings: Breastfeeding months and, in some cases, years, might give you a rollercoaster of emotions. These emotions will be even harder to deal with if you have some sort of hormonal unbalance or a deficit of vitamins. By making sure that you get all the vitamins you need daily, you might not have to deal with so many mood swings. And if they do come to you, you will be more equipped to manage them!

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What To Look For In Vitamins For Breastfeeding?

If you are choosing to take vitamins on your own, without the recommendation of a doctor, you need to know how to select the best ones for you. Here are some essential aspects to consider before adding a multivitamin product to your daily diet!

what to look for in Vitamins while breastfeeding

  • The ingredients: First of all, you want vitamins that contain no chemicals or GMO ingredients. You should go for those vitamins that come from natural and preferably organic sources. Everything you take will pass through your system and reach the breastmilk. Even if some chemicals might not harm you, they will be dangerous for your baby. So, try to stick with natural vitamins as much as possible!
  • The effects you can expect from the vitamins: All postnatal vitamins will reduce the deficiencies you have in your body. However, some of them also come with a blend of herbs that will help you reduce stress or mood swings. This is important, especially if you are dealing with postpartum depression. Even if you don’t have this depressive state, you might want to take vitamins that help you prevent it. Read the description of the product and see what benefits it brings you in the long term.
  • The last but not less important aspect when you take postnatal vitamins is the effects they will have on your baby. Some of them will reduce colic, gas, or fussiness in babies as they get in the breastmilk. Others will have no effects at all. But you should know this aspect before starting to take new vitamins. It is also essential to read the side effects so your baby will not get digestive problems or other types of issues from the vitamins you are taking.

Best Vitamins For Breastfeeding Moms 1

Best Vitamins For Breastfeeding Moms

The following vitamins are created especially to accommodate the needs of nursing mothers. You can take them without a medical prescription, and they will help you feel healthier and more energized!

1. Pink Stork Recovery Bundle

One of the first sets of vitamins that will help you as a nursing mother is this Pink Stork product.

Pink Stork Postpartum Recovery Care Package: Postnatal Vitamins and Herbal Teas for New Moms, with Red Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, DHA, Iron, Folate, and Vitamin B12 - Set of 3

  • Inside this set, you will get three products: a postpartum body tea, a postpartum metabolism tea, and a set of essential vitamins you need while you are breastfeeding.
  • All the ingredients in this set are organic and safe for both you and your little one.
  • You will love the fact that you can drink the teas hot or cold and they will be just as efficient and delicious.
  • This set will help you manage your hormones as well as your mood swings. They will help your milk flow increase by providing all the vitamins your body needs to produce healthy milk for your baby.
  • They contain no GMO, gluten, sweeteners, or wheat.
  • The recovery of body tea is based on strawberry and passion fruit with no caffeine.
  • The other tea is a sweet hibiscus tea, which is also organic and will boost your metabolism every time you drink it.
  • And the vitamins you receive are a complete set of DHA, B vitamin and Folate, and all the essential ones you need as a mother.
  • Made of organic ingredients.
  • Helps both the mother and the baby.
  • Reduces mood swings
  • Doesn’t contain any GMO or other chemicals.
  • Set of two teas and a container of vitamins.
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2. Actif Organic Postnatal 25+ Vitamins

Another set of vitamins that you should consider using as a nursing mother is this one from Actif.

ACTIF Postnatal Vitamin with 25+ Organic Vitamins and Organic Herbs, Nursing and Lactation Supplement, Supports Baby's Brain Development, Non-GMO, Made in USA, 90 Count

  • The vitamins in this container come from more than 25 herbs and other natural sources. Nothing is artificial in these pills.
  • A great benefit of these vitamins is that they will increase breastmilk production by up to 50%.
  • They contain Choline, which is essential for brain development. You can count on this not just for you but also for your baby as all these vitamins will reach the breastmilk too.
  • This was awarded as the most trusted product in 2020 by nursing women who found it very useful.
  • Inside these vitamins, you will find no GMO, corn, gluten, BPA, and it doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients either.
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Increases milk production
  • Supports brain development
  • Awarded as the most trusted vitamin set.
  • Safe for all types of women.
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3. MegaFood Prenatal & Postnatal Vitamins

These MegaFood vitamins are a great addition to your diet even before you are giving birth. They are ideal for prenatal as well as postnatal use!

MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Vitamin and Minerals - Vitamins for Women - with Folate (Folic Acid Natural Form), Choline, Iron, Iodine, and Vitamin C, Vitamin D and more - 60 Tabs (30 Servings)

  • You can get them in different sizes, so you have your most needed vitamins every day for maximum health and energy.
  • They are the perfect vitamin complex for both you and your baby. The fact that you can use them during your pregnancy as well as during your nursing phase increases their benefits. Your body will get used to them and efficiently assimilate them.
  • Among the vitamins of this complex, you will find B 6, B 12 as well as vitamin D and Choline to offer you all the support you need as a mother. These vitamins don’t contain herbs or calcium, and they don’t have any magnesium either.
  • You will have to take these vitamins twice a day to enjoy all their benefits. You don’t need to eat before or after you take them, and you don’t need to take them at certain hours either. Only one pill in the morning and one pill in the evening will be all you need.
  • They don’t contain any GMO or other harmful chemicals, and they are certified as Glyphosate residue-free. These vitamins are made with extracts from real vegetables and fruits that come from organic sources.
  • Prenatal and postnatal vitamins.
  • Organic ingredients
  • No chemicals
  • Contain all the needed vitamins for mothers or pregnant women.
  • You can choose between different sizes.
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4. Nursing Postnatal Breastfeeding Multivitamin

These nursing vitamins are the best supplement you can invest in, so you offer your body all it needs.

Milkies Fairhaven Health Nursing Postnatal Vegetarian Supplement for Breastfeeding Women with Vitamin D and B, Nutritious Breast Milk Multivitamin - Gluten and Dairy Free - 1 Month Supply

  • One bottle of these vitamins offers you enough pills for one month. You have to take them twice a day for maximum effect.
  • These vitamins are made, especially for mothers who are nursing and need to supplement their vitamin intake.
  • They contain essential vitamins such as biotin, vitamin D, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, and essential B12.Because they are rich in B12, you should take them if you are vegan or vegetarian as well.
  • This product is supported by the American Pregnancy Association. They don’t contain any artificial colors, flavorings, or harmful chemicals.
  • They were created by lactation experts, so you will take no risks or have no side effects by enjoying these vitamins.
  • Natural ingredients and chemical free\.
  • Supported by the American Pregnancy Association.
  • Contain all the vitamins nursing mothers need.
  • Created by lactation experts.
  • No side effects risks.
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5. NATURELO Post Natal Multivitamin

Naturelo offers a great selection of postnatal vitamins to help you have the energy you need as a breastfeeding mother.

NATURELO Postnatal Multivitamin - Supplement for Breastfeeding Women - Plant-Based Vitamin D, Folate, Gentle Iron - for Nursing Mother, Baby - Post Natal Lactation Support (180 Count (Pack of 1))

  • You can find them in the prenatal version as well if you are pregnant. But make sure you take the postnatal one as a nursing mother because they contain a different concentration of vitamins.
  • Besides the great variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, Iodine, vitamin C, E, D3, E, B6, and B12, they also contain a selection of herbal extracts to increase milk production.
  • This is also a vegan product as it contains no dairy. It is also GMO and sugar-free, and they don’t have any chemicals that could harm you or your baby.
  • By taking these vitamins, you support your baby’s bones development as well as their brain development.
  • You will love the energy and the well being these vitamins give you every day you take them. They will help you reduce mood swings as well.
  • Made especially for nursing mothers.
  • Vegan product
  • Contain essential vitamins such as B12, vitamin A, C, D3 and others.
  • Support milk production
  • Support the baby’s brain and bones development.
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6. New Chapter Postnatal Vitamins

New Chapter is one of the best vitamin complexes that you can find on the market. They are ideal for mothers who need to supplement their nutrition due to breastfeeding needs.

New Chapter, Postnatal Vitamins Lactation Supplement, Complete Multivitamin with Fermented Vitamin D3 + B Vitamins, Made with Organic Vegetables & Herbs, Non-GMO Ingredients, 96 Count

  • These vitamins will not just support your health but also your energy level and mood. You will not get tired as quickly, and you will notice that you are more balanced emotionally.
  • They are fermented with high-quality probiotics, so you will have no stomach issues while you are using them.
  • This complex contains multimineral as well as multi-herbals, so it is not just a multivitamins complex. The ingredients are all organic and natural such as Oat, Kelp, or Turmeric.
  • This product contains no GMO or other harmful chemicals. It is safe to use, and you shouldn’t experience any side effects from it. It is a vegetarian project and is certified as such.
  • You can take them on an empty stomach, and they will still not bother you at all. Plus, they are beneficial for your baby too!
  • Contains minerals, vitamins, and herbs.
  • No GMO or chemicals.
  • Vegetarian product
  • Supports your health and your baby’s health.
  • Perfect for reducing your mood swings.
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7. Pink Stork Total Postnatal + DHA

Another Pink Stork vitamin that you will find very useful is this complex product. These vitamins will address all your wellness needs as a new mother.

Pink Stork Total Postnatal Vitamins for Women with Vegan DHA, Iron, Folate, and Vitamin B12, Postpartum Recovery Essentials, Daily Supplement for Breastfeeding Moms - 1 Month Supply

  • It contains a selection of all the B vitamins you might need along with Iron and Folate. The DHA extract in these vitamins is vegetarian as it comes from Algae.
  • This product is supported by doctors and recommended to nursing mothers to keep their bodies in balance. You can use it without fear of any risks, and you will feel much more energized shortly after taking these vitamins.
  • They contain no GMO, BPA harmful chemicals, or gluten, and they don’t have any artificial coloring either.
  • These vitamins will help you recover faster after giving birth, and you will be ready to take care of all your baby’s needs without feeling tired or having mood swings.
  • In a bottle, you receive 60 capsules, which are just the right amount for one month. This product is made by nursing women for nursing women, which makes it a lot more reliable.
  • Vegetarian product
  • No GMO or extra chemicals and no coloring either.
  • All the vitamins you need as a nursing mother.
  • Reduce mood swings
  • Energy booster
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8. Pump It Up Lactation Supplement

If you are looking for the best postnatal vitamins that will support your lactation also, these ones from Happy Healthy Hippie are perfect for you!

Happy Healthy Hippie Pump It Up [Lactation Supplement] Herbal [Breastfeeding Supplements] Supports Milk Supply Increase | Breast Milk Lactation Support, Postnatal Vitamins & Lactation Pills, 60 Ct

  • These vitamins will boost your wellbeing and energy level. They will increase your milk production as well as reduce stress and postpartum depression.
  • They are very helpful for your baby as they get in the breastmilk. They prevent gassiness and colic episodes too.
  • This is a Vegan product that contains only natural herbs to offer you the vitamins and minerals you need. No ingredient has any GMO in it, and you can count on this product for the entire time you are breastfeeding and even longer than that.
  • Inside the bottle, you will find 60 capsules to accommodate all your vitamin needs for one month.
  • Safe to use with no risks or side effects expected.
  • Plant-based product
  • Vegan vitamins
  • Reduce colic
  • Reduce gassiness in babies.
  • No more stress for mothers.
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9. Mama’s Select Post-Natal Plus Vitamin

This complex of vitamins will support lactation as well, and it will benefit both you and your little one.

Mama's Select Postnatal Plus Multivitamin - Postnatal Vitamins for Breastfeeding Moms, Postpartum Vitamins, Lactation Support, MTHFR Safe Breastfeeding Supplements, 60 Gentle Veggie Capsules

  • An interesting thing about these vitamins is that they offer MethylFolate as well as Methylated B vitamins that are great for MTHFR mothers. Besides these vitamins, you will find others such as vitamins A, C, D, E, and a wide selection of herbs.
  • You will enjoy better health but also better milk flow if you take these vitamins daily. You will have to take just one capsule a day to enjoy all its benefits. A bottle contains 60 capsules, which is enough for two months.
  • These vitamins are very healthy for your baby too. They reduce fussiness and help babies enjoy the breastmilk more as it will be more nutritious.
  • You can forget all about stressful days or postpartum depression with these vitamins that will boost your good mood and energy level.
  • There are no risks associated with this product, so you can rely on it for long term use with no concerns.
  • Support lactation
  • A perfect combination for MTHFR mothers.
  • Reduce baby fussiness
  • 60 capsules for two months.
  • No risks involved in taking these vitamins.
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10. Pink Stork Postpartum Prenatal Vitamins

The last but definitely not the least complex of vitamins for nursing mothers that you can benefit from is this Pink Stork reset product.

Pink Stork Postpartum Mood Support - Postnatal Hormone Balance for Women, Stress & Cognitive Support, New Mom Essentials - Ashwagandha, Chamomile, & Vitamin D, Breastfeeding Friendly, 60 Capsules

  • These vitamins are created in particular to balance hormonal changes after giving birth. They will reduce mood swings significantly and take the risk of depression away.
  • They are perfect for postpartum recovery as they help you reduce stress levels and maintain your calm daily.
  • These vitamins will also support your health and lactation, so you will not have to deal with any deficits when you are nursing.
  • They contain vitamin D, B6, B12, Folate, and others that you will benefit from significantly.
  • All ingredients are organic and natural, so they will assimilate easily and fast into your system too. Once they reach the breastmilk, your baby will benefit from them as well.
  • Perfect for reducing stress and establishing hormonal balance.
  • Reduce vitamins deficits for nursing mothers.
  • Made of organic ingredients with no artificial coloring.
  • Helps you recover faster after giving birth.
  • More nutritious breastmilk as well.
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Best Vitamins For Breastfeeding Moms
Our Pick

The Pink Stork recovery set is challenging to beat as it is complex enough to accommodate all types of nursing mothers.

  • The fact that you get two different teas and a bottle of vitamins set you for a great journey as a mother.
  • This set helps you lose weight as it boosts your metabolism too.
  • You don't have to worry about any side effects. All the ingredients used to make these vitamins are natural and organic.
  • We also love the fact that this product is created by nursing mothers, just like you, who understand the needs of a woman during her breastfeeding months.
  • These vitamins are also vegetarian and suitable, not just for you but for your baby as well. You will love to spoil yourself with the delicious teas every time you need to take a break from your busy schedule!

You should offer your body the support it needs to withstand the nursing phase efficiently and with no struggles. If your vitamins and hormones are in balance, nothing will stay in your way.

Taking one of the vitamins in this guide will make sure you are on top of the primary health risks, and you stay away from any deficits. Plus, you will be helping your baby, too, by feeding them a much more nutritious milk!

Best Vitamins For Breastfeeding Moms 1

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